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    A Letter to Yuki
    part of the Mirai Nikki fandom

    My Dearest Yuki –

    How I've missed you so. I hope this letter finds you well, and I'm so, very sorry about not getting in touch with you any sooner. I'm in Cancún, a resort town by the soothing Caribbean waters. It's a good place to lay low from the PSIA, at least until they find the next crime lord who'll take the fall.

    It's so pretty over here. My heart soars whenever I walk barefoot by the beach and the waters lap over my feet. The salty breeze invigorates me, especially during those vivid sunsets. Sometimes, when nobody else is around, I'll have my arms outstretched to catch the wind, and with my eyes shut, I'd pretend I'm on the Titanic with you by my side. Even thinking about it is enough to make me flutter.

    This photo of me was done by a friend, Raúl. He's just sooo brilliant when it comes to making me look straight-up like a million bucks, as you might see. The katana is from his collection – don't worry, I haven't had to use it on anyone.

    I work here as a nightclub stripper. Some of the patrons are downright animals, but I'm glad most of them treat me respectfully. I'm doing this so we'll be able to meet together again, someday. I don't ever want you to feel jealous because my heart goes out to you, always. Although the survival games are long since over, I've never forgotten the promise we made together to see the stars at night, glittering as brightly as my heart's burning, aching sense of longing to be your soulmate.

    Soon, I'll be able to purchase plane tickets, so you can fly over into my embrace. I hope you'll get to know how gentle the sands feel under the soles of your feet. I hope to start a family together with you. I hope you'll know what it means to be truly loved, in the way a summer breeze feels during a cold and lonely night.. in the way someone goes all out for you, and you'll remember that feeling of being lifted up past the skies, and that feeling will be me.

    Because you're a good person Yuki, who saved me in a time when I had nothing to look forward to, nobody to love or care about.. when I had no tomorrow. And nothing good should ever have to die.

    I hope we'll be together again someday.

    I hope..

    ~ Yuno✨💖