Queen Dairy
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  • Larry arrives home to find Yana, dancing to The Cure's 'Lullaby' on the record player, while Ry runs through Super Mario World on the SNES. He's flabbergasted; where did they obtain these things, and from what money? The family's budget is strained as-is, paying for groceries, rent. How did they pay for all this?

    "We're making bank now," Ry goes, proudly explaining how they sold illustrations on the street. Yana hands him the store receipts, which total about $875. There's an aggravated look from his father, who reads it over and wonders if they can return their things for a refund. It's money that could have brought the family out of trouble, and he done spent it on junk with her!

    "But I thought you'd have been proud of me.." Ry goes, tearfully. "I done earned this shit fair and square with her, man!"

    Yana steps in. There's nothing to be ashamed of - Ry's ingenuity and entrepreneurial attitude is to be commended, and it's not as if living here is SO expensive that they're not allowed to have fun? But Ry's father doubles down; he demands that all their stuff be returned, right away. "Ry, you're not paying the bills," Larry goes, "you're not carrying responsibility over your shoulders," and it escalates into a shouting match, resulting in Ry saying that Larry's never really here to support him, never being a real dad for him to look up to since Mama died.. "What bills, pop? Ever since Mama died, your ass has gone wack over money like we always poor!"

    Ry starts shoving Larry, and Larry pummels him onto the coffee table -- Yana intervenes before the fight grows worse. Ry says he never wants to see his father ever again, as he picks up the rest of his cash and stuff into a backpack, and storms out of the apartment. As Larry fumes from fighting with his son, pulling out a bottle of bourbon, Yana heads out to find Ry.

    ○ ○ ○

    Ry is playing hoops alone at the basketball court, landing shots. Yana lingers, watching him, the level of focus and passion he puts into the ball. Then Ry sees her, a comforting sight. He's glad for her sticking up for him. There's plenty of grown-ups already who pick on him every single time as a troublemaker. It sure isn't fun.

    "Your mother died?" Yana asks, trying out the basketball and whiffing a couple shots. Ry says she died when he was nine. Everyone was so happy before then, and.. he sure still misses her. His daddy hasn't been the same since.

    "You'll have to face your father again," Yana goes, "unless you're that hellbent on running away. I don't remember much Ry, but I do know that even as adults.. we're not perfect. We don't know everything, and we still struggle with questions that have no answer."

    "What would you do, Yana?" Ry asks her. "If you were in my shoes?"

    She pauses, gives it some thought, then says: "I'd forgive him Ry. It's not good to carry hate in your being, especially upon your own family. And you musn't hate. Your heart starts to die inside.. and life is over when your heart dies."

    Ry takes her words to heart. It's growing overcast. He has a couple bucks to spend at the arcade.. perhaps some gaming will help calm him down enough to make up with his dad. Yana asks if she could have some of the cash; she'll shop groceries while he's busy playing. "I'll see you at home," she goes, trusting that he'll be alright.