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    part of the Ergo Proxy fandom

    This is based off part 10 of Royal Owl Rose's Duality.

    When Lil went into the Rabbit's cabin, she saw Vincent stepping out of the bathroom, water dripping down his hair onto his bare chest. He was naked, save for the towel around his waist. When he saw her enter, his face rose up with a blush which hid his impending embarrassment. He held the towel up in her presence, a fact which didn't escape Lil's gaze.

    "I spoke with one of the survivors," she said. "They had all taken mandatory injections in Romdeau. A few of them suffered fits and convulsions."

    Vincent slipped into the dressing shade. He breathed a momentary sigh of relief, before putting on his pajamas.

    "I'm really sorry.." he went.

    "What for?" Lil left her ermine coat on the bed as she relaxed herself beside it, removing her boots. She saw Vincent's faint silhouette going through the motions of getting dressed, before she noticed him pausing.

    "My people are dying. It's my fault."

    "They're dying from the airstrikes, from the poisonous atmosphere and that botched attempt to inoculate the citizenry. Raul and Daedalus had done this. Not you."

    "I left them, Lil." Vincent stepped out from the dressing shade, his emerald eyes sullen with regret. "I abandoned my people, my dome. I ran away like a coward all because I was disappointed in myself-"

    "Vincent!" Lil went up to his face, suppressing the impulse to slap some sense into his cheeks. "I don't want to hear this self-pitying crap out of you.. ever. There's always things you'll have said or done, that might have seemed reasonable then, but later you've come to regret when you realise in hindsight what it actually really means. Missed opportunities. Losing people you've come to care about. The only thing you can do.. is live right here in the now, with me.. because you're far, far more than all your past mistakes.."

    Her voice had dipped into a soothing whisper, as if her maternal side had emerged while she'd let him have it, and all there was left was that she loved him. Without realising it, Lil's hand rose to caress him by the neck.

    "I'm sorry," Vincent said.

    "I know."

    Sighing, he leaned into her palm. And Lil held him for what felt like ages, like she was petting a lost puppy who only wanted someone's affirmation. It was soothing for her, watching Vincent simply get lost in her touch as she felt his breaths, like rhythmic flushes of warmth over her wrist.

    Then Lil recollected herself. "I gotta get ready for bed, Vince."

    She brushed by him to the bathroom.

    ○ ○ ○

    And when she'd had enough of washing the grime off her body, with all the steamy goodness, Lil put on the bathrobe. She'd started pampering her face with a cooling, leave-on mask (hydrating facial, with hyaluronic acid) before she sensed something was amiss.

    When she peeked outside, there was Vincent by her bed, holding her coat up to his face. He was inhaling it – her scent, rather, that she'd generously left upon the fur when she'd worn it for the day. She remembered what she'd felt when he'd burst into her washroom the first time, as an unrecognizably savage and feral figure that had left a stain in her memories since. Her heart skipped a beat. Oh, Vincent..

    Lil crept out with a cat's silence in her steps, as she dreamt of a million ways she could tease this hapless proxy unawares. Even throwing a hand out and pushing him onto the bed, so she could hear his little yelp of surprise again. It was her most tempting option.

    But in the end..

    Vincent felt hands creep around his waist from behind, and he yelped – he'd almost expected Pino, who'd go "Booo! Gotcha!" and he'd have to come up with excuses that he was mmm, just checking her coat for any rips and tears. But it was Lil, who steadied Vincent in her slow embrace and she'd turned him around to face her.

    A blush flashed across his cheeks. "Oh."

    Her breast and torso protruded from the bathrobe. Vincent sat there in awe of her partial nudity, and Lil didn't give him any time to react, before she leant in and pulled his hand up to her face. She held his thumb, and gently inched it over her face, down to her lips, as she'd closed her eyes in re-experiencing the electric sensation of his fingertip – the little friction, the momentary fear and vulnerability, as she rubbed it over the corners of her mouth. Even sucking on it, with her lips nibbling in soft kisses..

    When she drew back, her bathrobe having crumpled away, Lil caught a glimpse of Ergo Proxy's eyes, shimmering and wanting for her, within the guise of Vincent. "This is how I've always dreamed of being with you again.." she whispered. Flush with endorphins, she held Vincent's other hand and guided it down between her legs.. allowing the orgasm to finally rush up to the surface and overwhelm her good senses in vivid cries, for a while of being content in his arms.

    When she came to, she recoiled from him in shame, averting her eyes from the fact that she'd just used him like a glorified sex autoreiv. It was Monad who had been steadily emerging within her, after all. "I'm sorry, I should stop. I.. I just can't help it."

    "I never said I didn't like it," Vincent said, his voice lengthening. Like lightning, he pulled her down to the bed.