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  • Smash that wall down..

    You might imagine the writing life to be glamorous.. the images of bookshelves, the rich scent of freshly-brewed coffee by the tabletop, the dude in a warmly-lit room, typing on his MacBook Pro on Scrivener, the hopes of reaching out to so many people in the world with his vivid world and characters who breathe alive in your imagination. The likes of J. K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin, who have become household names.

    Then you come across your writing being ignored. You face indifference, apathy, and even outright rejection, as it seems like your stories carry an anemia of interest. People who lavish praise for the amount of words you've put on the page, like calories you have shed in a weight loss plan, but never bother to invest themselves in reading.

    Suddenly, you are painfully aware of it all being mere words on a page -- a combination of letters, spaces and punctuation.

    A medium so easily accessible to all who possess a keyboard, it takes no special skill or talent; all you need to do is text your bro on your phone and put a screenshot of it as a meme, slave over an essay in academia under fear of being graded, or write a BDSM about a rich, tortured man in your spare time, with a hapless girl caught under his enthrall. It can be said that artists enjoy what they do, while for writers, it's "having written."

    The idea here is to smash that wall, that distances the reader from feeling, experiencing your story. Demolish anything that impedes getting to the reader's instincts on your own terms.

    You want the reading process to be so invisible, it becomes as natural as breath, and everything besides your story fades out from awareness into an intense and unforgettable dream. In other words, you're creating a nostalgia for moments that had only existed in your heart.