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  • Suppose you live as someone like Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum). In the palm of your hands, you carry the perceived responsibility of the fate of the world: how the world ought to carry on, in the face of a rising climate crisis, increased interdependency between countries, between people and technology.

    Most of all, the looming threat of overpopulation. The population trap where the amount of people on the planet may have exceeded a critical limit, where no one.. especially you and your rich-ass elite peers, can afford to live comfortably as you feel the pressure of impending doom looming on.

    What do you do?

    The first option would be to expand the limits of human survival, through research into much more energy-dense sources of power, being able to provide more than enough food for all, and moreso, expansion out beyond Earth to colonise the Moon, Mars, and so on. You wouldn't need to worry about over-stuffing a planet with people.

    One thing however, which has nagged every self-serving megalomanic ruler throughout history:

    You will lose control.

    In the 20th century where communism has taken hold under "saviours" like Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim II Sung, Hồ Chí Minh, et al. — what their regimes have in common, bar none, are those great purges, where enemies of the revolution are to be taken in and slain: both to make an example out of them, and for the sake of population control.

    As the Dear Leader, you know very well that you are sorely limited in your ability to micro-manage huge swaves of people, who could talk behind your back about overthrowing your unfair leadership, and realise that they outnumber your loyal enforcers 20-to-1. No amount of thought control or repressive propaganda will stop the human spirit from realising that something is not right about living in a zoo; better to prevent the risk of uprising by culling the herd. It's the same perverted thrill that a Josef Fritzl would have in maintaining absolute control over a family kept locked up in the basement:

    Non! You must not lose your grasp of being at the top of the pole! So your only valid alternative is in inching the developed world backwards, in the name of sustainability and "preserving the planet." Through exploiting crisises like the 2007-08 market crash and the COVID-19 pandemic, you'll push an agenda heralding the new, global redesign, top-down, where the average person will be content with living in a pod, eating bugs, owning no property, being monitored by corporations for good-boy points, and above all else — they will be content in their servitude.

    At this level, it's inevitable that you'll hold awareness of how genetics play a vital role in overall human-societal behaviour. While you have the common folk in the Western world decrying "racism" over guilt-shaming historical accountability, you know very well that unlike other ethnicities, it has been white Europeans, bearing a spirit of nobility and compassion, who have historically proven themselves to be the most resistant against being coralled into totalitarianism.

    What do you do?

    You can shunt people in other countries but the Western world, but then you'll have people cry out in uproar over this massive injustice. That'll happen.. unless you enfeeble the West, so you adopt the strategy of the Soviet KGB in demoralizing an entire populace to the point where they can't tell white from black anymore.

    Have the children be indoctrinated with leftist ideologies in the education system, especially when they go into university, so that by the time they emerge as adults in society, they are already programmed to think and behave in a given manner to certain stimuli and ideas.

    In movies and television, instead of offering the audience genuine heroes to root for, give them whiny, quippy brats (who are underhandedly defeatist and submissive as role models) for the impressionable to relate with.

    In music, there's trashy, egocentric pop idols and auto-tune rappers who have nothing inspiring to express, pushed to the forefront on YouTube, TikTok and in the Fortnite item shop.

    Not to mention, massively promote stuff which pushes Black victimization to the forefront, so Blacks will know that they are justified in burning neighbourhoods, looting stores, defunding the police and righteously stamping a boot on White people.

    Voila! In the span of a generation, you've successfully pulled the wool over people's heads. It's a good thing that most people don't really think.. they parrot. Besides the radical degradation of America, when the Democrats leveraged George Floyd's fentanyl-related death and rigged the 2020 election to help you install a senile, puppet president (instead of that loudmouth Trump) — in Europe, there is the matter of invasion from Arabs and Africans, aided by the European Union. The leaders in place all kotow to your agenda, already knowing that their actions will doom their countries for the sake of your greater good:

    In France and Belgium, there are Arab banlieues set-up that are unrecognizably foreign. Some are even no-go zones for actual French/Belgium people. Women are turned away from businesses and disrespected, while tourists are mugged and robbed.

    In Britain, the police are tasked with hunting down people who post inappropriate comments over social media, especially racist ones, while actual crimes are left unchecked. This attitude has led to absurd situations where police didn't check Salman Abedi, who acted suspiciously before the Manchester Arena bombing, out of fear of being labeled racist.

    Values evolve and change over the years, but with young people especially who are not tethered to past experience, you cannot have them wake up to the fact that they shall be your abiding slaves. Fortunately for you, things like morals, attitudes and beliefs are malleable.. you can only smile upon the news that a young Swedish activist stood up for an Afghan man on a scheduled flight, believing herself to be a heroine:

    Thomas Sowell: Back in the 1960s, it was considered eccentric, at least, when Norman Mailer took up the cause of a convicted murderer and managed to get him released from behind bars. It was no doubt considered somewhat more than eccentric by a man that the ex-con killed after being released. But today, what was once considered eccentric is par for the course in certain elite circles. Outcries of outrage from the public only confirm the anointed in their own smug sense of being special — nobler and wiser than the common herd.

    What a price to pay so that some people can feel more non-judgmental than thou, or simply affirm within their own little coterie that they are one of Us instead of one of Them!

    Gaspar Noé: If you just open your dictionary, "morality" is the sense that separates good from evil. And if you really want to see what evil is, it just says that "evil is the opposite of good." And if you ask "Then what is good?" it says that it's the opposite of evil. You can put whatever you want inside evil and good in morality.

    Now, what about anyone who's gathered for resistance? The far-right "redpills" think they know better than much of the populace for standing up to the vaccine mandates, the LGBTQ+ agenda and virtue-signalling that image of holding a traditional, conservative family (preferably Christian), with guns to defend themselves from oppressive government.

    But little do they know, a real manipulator knows how to use opposition to advantage, without them even realising it! For all the far-right's whining, protesting, and attempts to "waek" people up, nothing actually gets solved in the favour of turning time back to when life actually made sense. Justin Trudeau will still hold power, even after the show of solidarity from the Canadians he claims to represent, and there is nowhere else in the world for people to flee to for personal freedom.

    In fact, there's an off-switch, a Thanatos-instinct if you will, that's instilled among their ranks, should they prove to be truly troublesome: the fear of Satanism and pedophilia. Anyone who is a pedophile, suspected or proven — forget the idea of treatment, they are to be outright shunned, and preferably hunted down and brutally slaughtered like the animals they truly are, for all the harm they've brought on children. Yes, people can sleep soundly at night, knowing they've so righteously violated the Lord's fifth amendment: Thou shalt not kill.

    It is inevitable when you have a hatred/suspicion trigger embedded in a value system, sooner or later it will backlash, and may be cunningly invoked to bypass all sense of reason into madness, like calling poor Marty McFly a chicken:

    John Anderton: You used the memory of my dead son to set me up! That was the one thing you knew would drive me to murder.

    Nobody ever thinks about the possibility of turning on each other, like cannibals, whose sense of punitive justice is hungry to be sated. That very idea is just disturbing and off-putting to even consider, when a person wants allies in a struggle they think they understand.

    When all of this is done though, and the entire world is depopulated into an easily-managed morass of obedient choco-coloured people, whose lives you may snatch away in an instant for any reason, you will have proven yourself a living God, to yourself and to everyone's eyes. The only thing left is to re-write history to tell the tale of how you've made an eco-sustainable paradise on Earth, and everything else before that was just a big mess, since winners never have to tell the truth about what really happened. And what does it matter anyway, when it doesn't change the fact that you've won?