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  • If you had a vagina for one day, what would you do with it?

    I'd date a really nice guy to hone my skills at mind games, then when things were going really good I'd decide to have a spontaneous crisis out of nowhere and break up with him to sort things out in my life. "Finding myself."

    Then I'd find some asshole who treats me like shit, I'd get knocked up and call it love. Two months before the baby is born I'd find out that my fiance cheated on me and I'd use this as an excuse to leave him so I could raise my child in another broken family.

    When I turn 30 or so, I'd suddenly become wiser and start looking for those really nice guys I didn't give the time of day to back when I wasn't such a skank.

    Note: this article was written as a scathing criticism of the shallowness and fickleness of modern-day relationships, where it felt like love and connection is thrown out to whoever happens to be the highest bidder. This does not apply when it comes to true love, which you'll find in spirituality.

    This is inspired by this thread on Reddit.

    Now, for the guys who have not yet experienced enough with girls – this is the cold, brutal truth: the idea of a tender, loving woman who'll be unconditionally there to support and uplift you may be more of a fairytale than achieving immortality. This is particularly true for those who are attached to loving their mothers.

    In reality, a girl does not feel love in the same way a man does. They would not look at a guy with the same lustful arousal that a guy will have for a girl's figure. Instead, a girl desires attention and longs after "beastly" guys whose wildness and power they can tame through sex, and having their children. I recall from a conversation with a girl how she was turned on by a guy going out naked like a werewolf at night, peeing on someone's garden. Have you ever noticed in love songs done by girls, that they view love as a dangerous game, while for men, they hope for a rescuer: "The sound of your voice will save my soul.. I just wanna be with you.."

    This is the essential mis-understanding between the two sexes. A man projects his own tenderness upon the pretty aesthetics of a girl, fueled by romantic stories and unconscious longing, and the inevitable result is heartbreak and betrayal. A woman who attempts to imitate the strength of a man is ironically at her most powerless, as she loses that charm which makes her desirable to begin with.

    Before meeting my wife, every woman I had a relationship with was constantly giving me these types of convos:

    Her: "You seem so reserved all the time, it could be good to open up every once in a while!”

    Me: *tells her what’s wrong and opens up about struggles*

    Her: "Seriously? That’s a problem for you? Quit being a baby and putting all of your shit on me all the time."

    u/DrNoLift (source)

    At no point in my entire life has being weak in the presence of a female ever enriched or enhanced my life.

    u/Wolf_927 (source)

    This is why men warn each other as friends: "Don't spill out your vulnerable secrets to a girl," as it will end up being weaponized against you in an argument, or spilled out as gossip to their friends. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just ask any guy who's been divorce-raped, let alone being left bewildered by just how fast that girl turns into an enemy he doesn't know, with no repercussions on her conscience whatsoever. The pain of being scammed by a person who turned out to be a heartless asshole.

    Men in this society are valued for capability, reliability and durability. When a man really opens up to his emotional pain, instead of finding acceptance and understanding he loses all respect from a woman. Love and admiration is tossed aside, as something vital just dies there and then; instead of the girl seeing him as her bedrock, he becomes just a liability in her eyes as she eyeballs her other options, like Tyrone from jail. By this point, a woman's treachery towards you knows no bounds; any attempt to treat her otherwise, hoping to resuscitate her heart, will most likely result in further misery. If a girl is making you feel bad about yourself in the relationship (because you trust her with your heart, but she isn't really here with you), it's better to leave her behind – ideally before things go haywire and you're accused of being Mr. Bad Guy.

    In other words, unless you're her son, she loves only what you can do for her, as a person "loves" using their phone while it works - but she does not love you. If you find this especially hard to believe, watch how fast her affections dry up when you start losing hard. The person who'll be there for you always, it surely isn't her.

    The nerdy Gamma males, as described by Vox Day, are good friends with girls as they emulate feminine mercuriality (and all their moodiness) in an attempt to be sensitively nice while lacking the masculine traits which would give them real solidity: i.e. honour and integrity.

    For a modern relationship to succeed, a man has to craft a mask of fake vulnerability for his partner's sake, simulating just a tiny bit of emotional leakage, but not enough to threaten his perceived usefulness. This is sadly how things are where you get all the blame for a woman failing you; I wish it wasn't this way. Life would be a lot more straightforward if women were willing to reach out to the hearts of wounded men. Of course, there may be exceptions among women who courageously push against the norm to be a saviour for a man in dire straits.. but until then: bypass the modern woman's mind games and relational cowardice, and love the person who needs you more than ever and who'll actually return your love in kind: yourself, and your true friends.

    I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me, and set me in a large place.
    The Lord is on my side, and I will not fear: what can Man do unto me?
    The Lord taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire from those who hate me.
    It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in Man.
    It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.

    Psalm 188, verses 5-9