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  • When an untrained mind thinks of Warzone hackers, they think of rage hackers whose aim snaps onto people's heads. But there are settings in hacks which allows the player to disguise their "aim assist" to pass it off as natural skill. Settings like aim smoothing, targeting an enemy's entire body instead of just their head/upper torso, and so forth.

    In ZLaner's recent video, a random-fill teammate accuses him of hacking. Sadly, his teammate is not wrong. There are instances of magnetic aim - where his reticle latches onto the enemy's hitbox.

    ZLaner has the audacity to spin his teammate's accusations into this sort of pathetic strawman figure. Of course, nobody will care about what this random person has to say, and by extension, it dissuades his supporters from ever looking into the other side of the argument - of which, there is substantial evidence to place the legitimacy of ZLaner's "god-given" skill into doubt.

    One of the comments on ZLaner's video says that this is just the natural result of pumping over 9,000 hours into practice and grinding. How silly. It is far more believable to say that ZLaner has placed over 9,000 of practice into disguising his cheats, by way of narcissistic sleight-of-hand.