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  • People become "ultra-nationalists" because they know, and perhaps rightfully so, that it is difficult to deny there's an agenda out to enfeeble the populace to globalists, those old farts on the World Economic Forum who promote top-down the idea that because the Earth is in danger from people, you must act to bring the white population levels down and get everyone used to living third-world.. oops, I mean sustainably. For the greater good of our planet.

    You have to ask whether the people who proclaim to love our planet aren't secretly viewing mankind like a scourge to be culled. Either way, something is not right with society: you either know it, or you're still in denial. When there's violent opposition to viewpoints which protect self-interests first, like the freakout over Italy's election of Meloni, you know you are caught up in an invisible struggle for the mind.