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  • Strength, as used by the Weak, is generally used to humiliate and disempower others while hiding their own weaknesses. The seemingly polite exchange between Xi Jinping about Trudeau "leaking" confidential information to the press is nothing, compared with the major insult of China meddling abroad -- of Chinese espionage, general intimidation and dishonesty, abuse of people within and abroad and its success in suppressing freedom. Don't forget how China has dodged any responsibility for the bio-weapon COVID-19 which has resulted in two years of collective misery, lockdowns, mask wearing, forced vaccination policies..

    Don't believe me? Find out the difference yourself between being flippant of Trudeau in Canada, versus being flippant of Xi in China.. there is no talking, let alone reasoning with a totalitarian nation, period.

    I don't like Trudeau, but out of perspective, I'd much prefer dealing with his buffoonery compared to the machiavellian Xi Jinping who has established an endless rule for himself since 2012; how Xi has the gall to mutter out "How naive!" in Chinese behind Trudeau's back like a petty school bully. Don't ever be fooled into thinking China has class when you realise just what China stands for.