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  • What is "success"? For the leftist, it means being intimidating through the act of displaying it all: a clique of friends you're always busy with, being featured in interviews, masturbating over how high your numbers climb, looking down on people who weren't as lucky in life (accusing them of jealousy and resentment when they point it out to you), shouting about your milestones and how dreams do come true.. well, at least for you, that is.

    But this is pseudo-strength. It has the same effect as that yappy drama society kid at college who is so consciously trying to act cool by breaking into song, dancing around chairs, drumming on desks and spitting jokey one-liners with a hand pistol flourish -- who needs a good rabbit punch behind the head.

    Real strength is a feeling of contentment you can act upon, to uplift yourself and others.

    Real success is what you easily overlook..