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  • If it looks like the modern world is going to hell, and you can see that reflected everywhere in the news - it is because it is an age of spiritual awakening. A year ago, I was a "right-wing conservative" who thought the solution was to rail against social equity bullshit and the totalitarian measures being pushed, in an agenda to trick everyone into surrendering their freedom.

    In reality.. I was secretly lashing out against the pain which I felt over being mistreated, used, devalued and laughed at by narcissistic bullies, who had gotten the better of me in my younger years when I didn't know any better. I longed to be rescued by someone who'd feel me through all the hurt and pain, and it was a miserable experience to feel at heart that you are unheard for your true self and your underlying feelings, you have no innate value or beauty, unless you managed to keep doing "worthy" and "impressive" things in the eyes of others, as so often is the unspoken message when it comes to what you see everyday in today's social media, let alone this productive mentality of "work work work, go-go-go, or else you're lazy and useless, with no value just for being yourself." (Thus, you end up with young people who feel a lot of underlying insecurity about themselves when love, acceptance and emotional security are conditional things, and with that, comes so much phoniness, a lack of being genuine, and so much emotional toxicity.)

    At the same time, I was subscribed to a channel which talked about starseeds, twin flames and soulmates, and while I thought then it was mildly fascinating, it didn't feel like any of it applied to me (yet) -- until I hit a relationship roadblock, and found that I was actually starting a major spiritual milestone. It is actually quite spooky at first when you truly get a sense how "objective reality" is far more magical than what modern science would ever teach you, like a Phillip K. Dick novel. What you feel in your heart, in your inner self, ends up resonating outward in what you get to experience from the world, and when you decide to align yourself with what you've hidden all along, your soul, life transforms with you into a reactive movie that you've co-created yourself, as you go out and explore what you haven't previously thought of before. It was then that all these spiritual channels out there truly resonated with me -- giving me excitement and hope that I haven't felt for so long, as I know there is true love out there, starting from within me.

    It isn't "easy" confronting your own emotional hangups, breaking past your established thoughts with courage and action, and being so vulnerable with your newfound awareness. But to know spirituality is to know the way of realizing that life on Earth has a much bigger and profound meaning/journey than the sad, superstitious idea of "When you or your loved ones die one way or another, there's simply nothing else."