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  • This is from /u/DangZagnut of /c/MGTOW:

    One of the things I tend not to like is the idea of “therapy” because, to be honest, it’s a stupid profession with little help to anyone but making things worse.

    The concept of therapy as an "idea" makes sense, an objective person who isn't invested in your issue and can talk rationally about it with you. Of course, that is the idea. Much like socialism is an "idea". In practice, both are based on hatred and destruction.

    A psychiatrist, in an asylum, sure, but therapy does little other than make you feel good about whatever dumb problems you have.

    That’s the best case. The reality is it’s used for political indoctrination and it’s hardly shocking that it’s filled with women, as it requires no brain power and attracts hate filled feminists, and this video shows exactly why.

    If you wonder why so many people preach therapy, it’s because they assume you wear a MAGA hat and burn minorities alive. Even for a spicy meme. It’s to “fix” you and make you a bitch simp. To tear down that patriarchy and empower Stalinism.

    Here’s a fun little video explaining it and how it’s done and why you should probably never go to a therapist if you feel bad. Be an alcoholic like a real man. Run a marathon until you collapse. Starve yourself. Whatever.

    It confesses that therapy is about social justice. Not mental health.

    I’m not political, for the same reason I’m an atheist. There’s absolutely no difference between some fundamentalist jihadist at the wheel of a plane, and the college professor on college campuses.

    Politics is religion for stupid people who think they understand what’s going on. The kind of people who believe what’s on the news.

    Remember, any time you’re told “get therapy” it’s always about the religion of politics.