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  • The term Social Justice Warrior had been coined as early as 2011 to describe the then-nascent socially progressive wave, which would eventually progress like a metastasizing cancer into the dominant ideology in Western society. Look anywhere on a bio of an employee or a public figure, and chances are they'll have their pronouns (she/them) so you'll have no excuse to misgender their ass, and signal support for the current thing which is really just a form of imposing control vis-a-vis human morality.

    Racism, sexism, transgender tolerance, open borders globalism, climate change propaganda - the leftist gestalt which ten or twenty years ago, would resemble a dystopian fever dream if you described it to anyone. But like a frog held inside a slowly boiling pot, it has become the new normal today, and any mention of a functionally sane society (unless you're in Japan) is a memory that is only growing dim with passing time.

    Why is Western Society falling apart?

    Why are Western nations being sold out and eroded from within by corrupt politics? Why do we turn a blind eye to the crimes committed in the name of the current agenda: Black Lives Matter riots, COVID-19 vaccination adverse outcomes, African/Arab "refugee" violence, the degradation of beauty standards in art and entertainment, and the censorship of anything which tries to speak up about the massive elephant in the room?

    Elon Musk describes it as a 'woke' mind virus: modern leftism hijacks the very human urge to be responsible and moral and kind to the less fortunate. These "persecuted" minorities: the non-cisgendered, the disabled, the historically impoverished minorities People of Colour.. with the support of major corporations and left-leaning globohomo governments, now they all get to be included in our modern society.

    It was free-market Rationality, providing economic growth along with scientific and technological innovation, which has helped raised society to modernity to begin with - to the point where the society can start to turn attention to welfare for the weak and impoverished, which is rooted in the same place of raising children for the family and sharing a hive bond with the brotherhood of man.

    It's said that religious submission to hive authority is the end stage of life for people. "The struggle was over. He loved Big Brother."

    Unfortunately, Rationality has very little say when it comes to arguing against the pangs of morality, regardless of how much it actually makes sense why something has to be right or wrong; contemplative thought stops, just stops when you come to emotionally and politically-loaded topics (invoking rape and pedophilia reduces a person to Sharia-law bloodlust). Morals establish limits on what is acceptably thinkable, functioning as a brake to achieve societal homostasis (it goes hand-in-hand with religion), and morals are quickly laid over anything which carries the potential to lead to widespread change and disorder. Simply ask the Luddites who rebelled against textile machinery and the Industrial Revolution, or the moral panic stemming from television consumption and pornography.

    Ask anyone who's lived long enough to find wisdom, and they'll tell you that it's the same Lisa Simpson shit, finding the next thing to have an outburst over, and the next. Animal rights, saving the environment, minority and disabled issues, and so forth. Leftists who aren't able to aspire for the heavens, will at any rate drag others down to suffer in the name of common brotherhood.

    It's no accident how many leftist activists, far from struggling with being poor themselves, belong to that upper-class stratum with access to politically-correct education. Celebrities will shout at you about how inconsiderate you're being to such-and-such, as they fly around in jets, live in secluded mansions and indulge themselves on rich, luxurious goods. When a society has sufficiently prospered, like an aging trigger embedded in DNA, leftism is then allowed to flourish, feeding into that utopian dream where everyone is well-cared for in the societal hive, as everything starts to go awry. Without societal prosperity, leftism would have no platform to begin with.

    "People are suffering.. people are dying! Animals too! And the trees! Why are you just sitting there and doing nothing?"

    In the good ol' days around the 1980s to early 2000s, not everything was perfect then, but you'll realise how generally, people held more rational sense. Real talent was allowed to prosper, and it showed in mass media - in the movies, music, video games and general entertainment where you didn't need a degree in gender studies to just get how it's good. Growing up back then, you felt that the future held exciting promises around the corner. Today, it is a different story when leftism has deeply entrenched itself:

    Instead of Michael Jackson and Madonna, you get Lil Nas X, XXXTentacion and Billie Eilish reminding you about depression, racism and LGBTQ. Instead of rational decision making and simply effective storytelling in movies, you get retarded one-liner Marvel quips, diverse casting choices and pompous visuals (marred by muted two-note colour grading) which serve to distract from the poor script and lack of any emotional nuance.

    Instead of taking risks with an original vision, you get virtue signalling and the same rehashed properties.

    A moralist simply isn't going to innovate let alone come up with engrossing new ideas; they lecture, chastise and punish instead, and you will be grateful about it. Or else. Thus, Western Society - once hailed as the hallmark of human freedom, civility and the open exchange of ideas - is transformed into a prison, its people entombed by ideological terror. Have you had enough of being threatened with sitting in the corner, feeling like you deserve this waking hell, every day?

    When Galileo was met with heretical resistance by the church for positing that the Sun does not revolve around Earth, but vice versa - today, who would dare argue that 2 + 2 isn't 3 in any political decision making, when you're constantly met with indignant outrage by the mob, raising the fear of being cancelled forever, cut off from being employable and left at the mercy of the gutter? Bullies hound people into submission, knowing that no one has the courage to stand up to frightening authority, and with the massive inter-dependency of our society today - the average person relies on phone data, Netflix, Disney+, social media and online services - unless you possess an independent bent, it's easy.. so easy to coerce a person into obedience to our current times.

    A leftist grows up knowing depression and low self-esteem all too well stemming from the sense of general powerlessness. When you feel despondent, you turn to morality for guidance.. and realise how you can jerk others around through guilt.

    Thus, in projecting general powerlessness out on the world, the leftist's essential tool is in generating outrage: people don't like being rattled, naturally, so the weasel leftist redirects outrage onto scapegoat causes who they insist is the real reason to be upset over, and voila! The outrage ball is in motion. But when it turns out their causes inevitably cross that threshold where it's clearly going bad, instead of taking personal responsibility, leftists blame-evade: they shift goalposts, go silent to shirk out of the spotlight, then bring up a new topic to direct your Two Minutes Hate towards.. like Putin being literally Hitler. (Through no fault of their own, a leftist lacks that personal foundation from which stems self-reliance and enterprise, and the willingness to accept that responsibility which arises out of courageous risk-taking.)

    Being unable to keep up questioning the barrage of distortions and untruths, the average Joe ends up resigning to a numb passivity not unlike that of a two-year old in the crib when the news is playing on the TV. Bringing up the actual state of things would have poor Joe stick his head down a hole like an Ostrich when that elephant rears its ugly head. "This again?!" (always a hallmark of no courage)

    This is how leftism bends society over into ideological totalitarianism.

    As the results of social progressive retardation unfold, you'll increasingly stumble upon the pletora of nerdy screeds justifying Why That's Not A Bad Thing:

    Whenever you hear a leftist nerd narrate a piece, a common pattern to watch for is the vocal fry: that repugnant and timid croaking of their vocal cords at the end of each intonation:

    Anyway, this is how you squelch any meaningful endeavour for a genuinely better future, let alone facing our current-day problems we're now entrenched in. People are so gaslighted they can no longer tell white from black without making like that dress from 2015 that's yellow or blue, well it's all relative bro, now shut up and let's just weed and Netflix chill so we don't lose our collective shit talkin' dem weird alt-right conspiracy theories that asshole Trump supports, okay? End of story. *checks DMs*

    In the Thuggee cult of Temple of Doom, people are enslaved into a fearful trance by drinking the blood of Kali, so that they're bound to forever worship the continual blood sacrifices and infliction of misery upon India.

    As it turns out, it's easy to wake up Indiana Jones from his trance by burning him with fire. What about the absolute state of today, how can people wake up from modernity's dark ages?

    A thought experiment I'd often have is, what would a person's reaction be if they were teleported back to the 1990s, as a breath of fresh air from today?

    "I don't belong here," Kyle Reese goes, looking around. "I wasn't meant to see this. It's like a dream.. this, and this.. and you.. it's so beautiful.. it hurts, man, you can't understand.. it's gone.. all gone! All of it!"

    Of course, it's all relative now: the next person I'd pluck off the street would go something like this:

    That's racist, that's sexist, that's so insensitive and offensive! Why aren't people rioting about how workers are being mistreated by capitalist enterprises!? Why is everyone so.. white? Gosh almighty, everything's so messy, someone like me needs to clean it up! Comrades, who's with me!?

    You might really hate people like that, as I've did over the last ten years. As a matter of fact, I've been traumatized from my online experiences, watching something I cared about fall victim to the progressive movement (before it was openly acknowledged as such), and my friends back then just betraying me for rejecting this nonsense with all of my heart.. falling for that SJW's denigration of me without question.

    For years harbouring pain, I've asked why, searching for an answer - all the while, carrying a shadow of resentment about people in general who resemble hive-think NPCs more than individuals with a soul. It was not until Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, and I saw how the establishment was reeling from his candidacy that I first took interest in politics; before then, it was a haze I didn't care much about.

    But the answer is that you musn't hate, no matter the ugliness you've experienced or the distaste for what a leftist SJW effectively does to ruin beauty with protest, lies, distortion and preaching. Your heart starts to die when you let hate inside.. and life is over when your heart dies.

    "The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it has those who fear it end up imitating it." -- Adolf Hitler


    Why is there little material addressing this topic head-on? The answer stares you in the face whenever you try to bring this.. thing up with a person. Our current times, the lunacy of people. Most likely, you won't even have the vocabulary or context to articulate just what this thing really is -- because it's exasperating, bringing up the moral lines drawn on the floor which have no real purpose to exist, other than to fuck with people mentally in regards to questioning our present-day situation.

    It is far easier for the average person to just overlook problems or anything troubling, that they feel like it doesn't affect them or that they can't do anything about. And who could blame them for taking that stance? Discussing a topic of morality and guilt, the societal thing which we supposedly take for granted, I've lost friends over the years whenever I try to bring this thing up, and struggled with self-doubt as a result.

    Domesticated society will have you believe that everyone is made equal, and that sexism and racism and all disadvantages should be abolished; but if you really think about it, this is clearly not the case. The very notion of social equality prevents you from realising that people exist as castes, who fulfill varying roles in society along the course of life: a five-year old toddler isn't the same as a 12-year old with homework and video games. A research scientist is not the same as a religious preacher. A care-free Russian illustrator with a penchant for aesthetics is not the same as a parent with responsibilities, and so forth.

    SJWs, leftists - who protest for a social cause that they project rescue complexes upon; in historical times, this role is usually left for the religious doomsayers who hail on the street: "The end is nigh! You are all condemned to hell, unless you believe in Our Saviour!" It's what pessimistic losers do when they feel like there's nothing else anymore to actualise themselves in life. You start to die when you resign yourself to your current fate.

    As a result, you may often hear that our society is turning into a giant day-care centre, patrolled by nannies and internet moderators. What a leftist and religious nut have in common is the instinctual urge to remake the world around them into a homogenized safe space, resembling a therapeutic support group or an old folks' home, sheltering you from that scary wildness outside and just following Big Brother obediently until the next life. For some, it's the way to go. For others like me, you can only see it as a totalitarian reality to run away from, or to fight against.