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  • There's a thought I've been having. I don't know if it's fate, or spirituality or whatever. Say if something in your soul deeply resonates with another person - you feel a connection in your heart with them. You want to embrace them, be with them, and you know it's love.

    Then something happens in space-time.. another significant other - either from your life, or in theirs - comes into the picture, one way or another, like the Serpent (Devil) in the Garden of Eden, who tempts with their presence. That Serpent would definitely give great sex, yes, while offering every promise of happiness, material security, etc. But you take the Serpent's offer, you end up getting compromised with a reward that's returned in a shape most wondrously strange.. once you begin to want, you fall right into the jurisdiction of the Devil.

    "An enemy is as useful as a Buddha."

    At first glance, you have every right to be mad at that Serpent for stealing away what you apparently hold sacred. But upon reflection, it may be that the Serpent is really saving you from a rocky road in the long run, like an enemy who'll unexpectedly challenge you from time to time -- testing your real virtues of valour, courage and poise as the homely veneer of the seemingly familiar and attractive is stripped away, revealing an uncomfortable emptiness, where your own weakness awaits. (The intellect, while it's considered as the highest quality by nerds and Redditors, does nothing for your wisdom, except anxiously complicate matters into mazes.. it's said that Reason is the Devil's greatest whore.)

    Ultimately, real victory in life isn't getting everything you've wanted in the material world (which always falls prey to corruption), whether it be money, fame, or possessing that girl/guy's heart for yourself, but your willingness to open your heart to those unwritten lessons life holds in store. Finding out the value of your own soul, like a quantum particle from another realm inhabiting your body, is the greatest reward.. when you know just how to be the loser.