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  • Kid in classroom.

    Public school is essentially prison, except prison is more honest. The instillation of "discipline" by being shepherded through routine, through forms of overt and covert terrorism, it would be more truthful to say is the road to producing an unthinking, conditioned automaton fit for a hive-mind society -- not independent insight or entrepreneurial drive which is needed to leap people forward to higher tiers of life.

    Department of Corrections vs the Dept. of Education. Hmm..
    In America, the same company responsible for cafeteria food and buses in public schools also does prisons too. Even blueprints for prisons get recycled for public schools.

    Originally, the modern school system was dubbed the "factory model" - kids are scheduled to be at such-and-such class on a given time, and then on designated times also, there is lunch break with recess. Just like with factory workers during the industrial revolution, hooked onto a schedule as production of societal goods and technology was centralized en masse. Even today, the goal of child-rearing education has never been about producing well-rounded, balanced people with imaginative creativity, but pragmatically crating people (this isn't a typo) in a manner that imitates the respective society, in all its accumulated knowledge, including the cruelties and stupidities of the past. The "factory model."

    When you learn about history in class, you are merely learning recited knowledge that's gathered after the fact by way of prune-faced educators, bureaucratic in determining what children ought to know at what age. How were you to know, growing up since the 1990s, that you have lived through the end of a decades-long cold war, 9/11, major financial crises and election fraud, a conspiracy-laden biopandemic, unspoken civil war between races -- oh yes, maybe they'll teach kids that, supposing it doesn't get all coloured away by anti-White initiatives. Or if you ever went through the actual discovery process that resulted in creating transistors, modern chemistry and atomic fission? All that uncertainty gets smoothed out as you're taught ex post facto that such-and-such is as much a "fact," as 2 + 2 makes 4 (which it sometimes doesn't).

    That face you make when that one co-worker thinks they're a manager.
    "Somebody's gotta take charge around here. It might as well be me. Do my bidding, bitch!"

    Even when you graduate from the prison-like education system into the "adult world," you are still not free. Schooling has conditioned you for the traditional job; whether it be in an office or factory or whatever profession, the job cramps the person physically and mentally, and also runs on forms of covert terror (putting up with your co-workers' bullshit, sucking up to your superiors to remain on their good side, monthly performance evaluations, the fear of layoffs and violating rules you didn't know existed yesterday). It's said that there is no intermediate state between ice and water, but there is one between life and death: employment.

    Matter is, you get people who just fall through the system, or worse, they implode because on a very vital level, they sense it's bullshit - the so-called opportunities to actualise yourself are handed down to you by society, like a prepackaged deal, while any idea of forging your own path (and possibly threatening the status quo that others have come to lean on) is swept away, out of sight. Sensitive people may resign themselves to a not entirely unjustified depression, borne of helplessness with regards to having real control over their fate. But when you want to wake up to a life beyond what happens to be there, the real magic happens when mustering faith helps you wade through an uncertain road you'll call your own.