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  • Regardless what you might think of overturning "Roe v. Wade" -- that case which normalized abortion in the 1970s -- it raises plenty of valid questions. Is it now possible for someone to say, rape/inseminate women, and force them to carry out their unwanted pregnancies to term? There's an anti-abortion bill in Idaho that entitles family members of a fetus to sue abortion providers for up to $20,000, even the family members of a rapist. While the act of rape is punishable, the consequences of rape are legally sheltered, so that a rapist may stand to gain in the long-run: either a child that's conceived by force, or money that's extorted from the victim.

    Another is the meta-physical aspect: they say that conception of another person begins when a sperm touches the egg. People who lean towards anti-abortion, they say they want to enforce responsibility for sex, enforcing parenthood, so to speak. A fetus (or baby if you go by their terminology), no matter how badly deformed or even ectopic, is entitled to be born. They want people to seriously think first, to be absolutely sure that it's with a person they want to spend the rest of their lives with in marriage, before engaging in unprotected sex. But then, what about those instances where the condom breaks? Where a vasectomy happens to be botched, the morning-after pill is a dud, or whatever? People have been enjoying sex throughout history beyond the need or desire to procreate, and the use of contraceptives is a strong indicator that they want it for pleasure.

    To carry a pregnancy to term, let alone bringing another child into the world is nothing light, and not just financially, but also with all the time and energy and resources that have to be spent in raising the child. When you frustrate people by illegalizing abortion, it's not just going to go away -- women who don't want the pregnancies will turn towards underground, potentially dangerous options (if not going out of the way to induce a miscarriage, then perhaps that shady back-alley dealer could do..)

    A part of me wonders if anti-abortion isn't a way for the right to mirthlessly glee over all those libtard e-thots, hoping that they'll automagically be prodded into being "upright" citizens in the same sense that cancel culture and political correctness would induce peace and tolerance from people. At what point does this kind of pedophrastry yield to practical realities? I'd find it hard, if not outright grotesque, to end up as a child born with a lifelong deliberating disorder (say, Harlequin ichthyosis), and being made to say, "Oh, thank the Lord they stood up for my right to live!" I'll shrug when these anti-abortion activists can go rationalize that to the billions of "unborn kids" waiting in the sperm bank.