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  • All religion is a corrupted, transcribed version of spirituality - in the same sense that conformity is a corrupted version of courage. You won't get anywhere by blindly following the tenets of a Savior, but by looking within yourself and acknowledging the reality of your inner life.

    The awareness which inhabits "you" (your body, mind [with its capacity for logic, reasoning and semblance of conscious control], and central nervous system) emerges from a plane of existence not of this world, but exerts an influence what you get to experience. A blissful happiness emerges when you eventually arrive to the truth that everything you've known, everything you experience.. down to the tiniest iota of your mental associations and sensations, is also you too. This will be hard to comprehend unless you've experienced it for yourself.

    This does not mean an existential solipsism (where you're the only real one and everyone else is a fake projection), because the same truth goes for others around you too. There's a reason you can't put your finger on - just why you truly connect with certain people along your life, find sudden coincidences when you just so happen to think of someone, end up feeling like you have deja vu on occasional moments, or find yourself doing an unexpected action that you only rationalize why afterward..