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  • Don't support 'Halal' food

    If you've been to food places like Subway, where they announce that their food is "Halal" -- that religious word meaning "permissible," I would advise you to stop supporting them and go eat someplace else. Don't buy any food from the store that is "Halal"-approved.

    And why? What is the deal with "Halal" that is reprehensible? Surely, "Halal" is showing tolerance in our multiculturalist society, for the Islamists, just like it is with "kosher" food for Judaism? Except.. no it isn't.

    Halal food -- meat in particular, is nothing special. It's just meat, but the animal from which the meat originates from has to be treated according with Islamic law. This means the way the animal is treated as it's alive (i.e. it must be allowed to roam free, it cannot witness suffering of its brethren), down to the very method in which the animal is killed to produce the meat. The end result is still meat on the table.. but meat which conforms with religious superstition, and something that has gradually been imposed on everyone in modern society, so businesses wouldn't lose money with the Islamic minority who wouldn't buy otherwise.

    I don't support Halal because it is a facet of Sharia law. The same law which dictates that women are just property of men (and nothing more), the same law which says homosexuals only deserve death, and that to even think otherwise is FORBIDDEN. If you try speaking up against this -- you'd be slapped with the labels "Racist" (religion has nothing to do with your race), "Islamaphobic" (phobia is an irrational fear of something), so on and so forth. A student wrote criticism of Halal in an essay, and got disqualified over it.

    In today's climate, which advocates for "tolerance" and "acceptance" of people and different identities no matter what, the irony of allowing a religion which is anything but -- a religion which when practiced in full, leads to utter barbarism. How many times would you hear about things like rape, honour killings, or backwoodish places (ISIS), and see people go, "No no no, that's not really part of Islam"? How far would you accept, down to the choice of wearing a hijab or suffering excruciating blows? To allowing Islam and Mohammed's teachings at schools in a place like the UK or America? It's been said that religion is an absolute and fundamental cornerstone of a civilization, and that if you allow it to be eroded or changed, the civilization disappears, as was the case of the Mayans who are all but forgotten, or the Romans who, despite their great achievements, are wiped off the face of the Earth.

    Nobody back then in the 1990s or the 2000s had to slap "Halal" onto their business or products, and all the "Halal" certifications you see now, with the unwritten pressure to accept it or be a social pariah, is a result of our current society's decadence.. like a drunken person, so afraid of racism, and so spineless, who ends up bowing down to the demands of his more brutish neighbor.

    Don't support Halal. Hell, put pork products over Halal-certified ones. Islam won't allow you to eat pork "because [pigs] have a split hoof, but does not chew the cud," if that really means anything.