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  • What is "The Wall"? (as posted by u/hijoput4 from r/theHatedOne)

    It's the masses of people who have stopped thinking for themselves (or really, their minds are so conditioned that they never begin to think past their affiliated hive). It's a group of people who believe whatever the status quo tells them and turn into fierce defenders of those "values." They fear a lot, they believe in socialism as a religion, with providence and punishments.

    They hate philosophy; the real meaning of the word, to ask questions, to get knowledge, to seek answers, to be able to think if something is as the establishment says. They think philosophy is something you say you do everyday or "how you should handle your life."

    These people act like human bees or drones. They gather in communities and do what they are permitted to do by a controller – a moderator, a site/forum owner, a social media influencer... the list goes on and on; the controller makes money out of them by selling their data to corporations and even government.

    Then these drone people will attack outsiders, other people questioning their thinking and way of life. In social networks, these "drones" will attack like piranhas at the command of a controller – cancelling, doxxing, etc. People are being used. Being weaponized for causes they think they understand.

    The internet is getting very, very aggressively compressed into anthills, and it's not only because of trolls, which are essentially mostly young people, wanting to get some fast attention by targeting weirdos and those marching to the beat of their own drum. People, all around the world, are being taught to be just a piece in a puzzle; nothing more. Give them an incentive, and there's the American Dream everywhere: "If you do well son, you'll climb to the top someday."

    Everyone is hooked on that dying, increasingly irrelevant maxim of the heydays of America; to actually succeed, only your obedience is the key, like in religion.

    This is the actual state of things. Most people are still trying to bite the carrot in the stick. The poor are told to just keep trying, and someday a "magical" (never promised) social mobility will happen while keeping the status quo intact and unharmed. We are at the point where corporations, governments and rich people use the internet as their tool to keep minds going on hamster wheels.

    Forums are not what they used to be.

    Internet is not what it used to be.

    You will be hitting "The Wall" everywhere.