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  • As Western Europe allows de facto African invasion, discontent will rise among the native populace.

    Slavoj Žižek: "Many of the refugees want to have a cake and eat it. They basically expect the best of the Western welfare-state while retaining their specific way of life, though in some of its key features their way of life is incompatible with the ideological foundations of the Western welfare-state."

    The irony of tolerating Islamic xenophobia and African barbarianism, if it's lost on European citizens who have been hopelessly indoctrinated against racial discrimination, it's certainly not lost on the ruling elite who have planned this out for decades, and certainly not lost when it comes to real-life reality checks - as epidemics of street harassment, rapes, violent crime and other unpleasantries soar in proportion to their demographic levels.

    Rule of thumb: as evil and corruption accumulates in a given society, so does the level of doublethink the populace have to maintain to preserve daily sanity, along with how verboten it is to discuss critically the real issues which trouble it.

    The way I imagine it, in the near future European discontent will reach the point where you'll have native Europeans fleeing the countries where once, their families have graciously lived for so long. It'll be along the lines of Jews leaving Hitler's Germany, or the Spanish escaping Torquemada's inquisition. (Those are the smart, awakened people.)

    But where to? America is probably not the first option, as it's troubled under an equally corrupt Democratic reign; it would be like hopping out of the frying pan into the fire. Latin America as a whole is third-world, ruled by cartels and kidnappings with a fractured industrial infrastructure, and Greenland is too harsh and northern of a natural habitat to sustain a huge influx of people.

    This leaves Canada as the most appealing option. I'll admit, Trudeau has not fucked my country as much as Biden, although this could change down the line, and you know he's always happy to welcome multi-cultural enrichment with open arms (unless he just means the third-world).

    To best take advantage of this influx, I'd strengthen Canadian infrastructure, segment Europeans into various provinces (i.e. the French can go to Quebec and coastal areas) and implement much-needed electorial reform to prevent any one province in holding all the cards when it comes to deciding federal elections. As well, I'd set up enhanced border security, with an emphasis on racial and religious vetting to prevent Canada from falling into the same fate as say, a terror-ridden Sweden.

    I would also encourage the outflow of lesser populace, a re-emigration program among third-world Asians and Muslims, to avoid straining the country too much in terms of finances and resources. This would not be hurting them; rather, it's Canada looking out for its best interests, as love of humanity doesn't force you to open up your home to all passers by. Canada is, or it ought to be, predominantly a European country, as it had been when it was founded in 1867.

    I'd like to think Trudeau and his cabinet is wise enough to realise this by now, but sadly, when it comes down to serving the working-class folk, he has been (and always will be) effectively speshul, while for the globalist World Economic Forum's interests, he remains their ever-faithful servant.

    Why not migrate Eastward? Historically speaking, nobody has ever cared about going East, because it's like going backwards in time down the meridian, and you'd be foolish to believe that the African/Islamic invasion will simply be confined to just Western Europe. The Atlantic Ocean acts like a natural filter for gene-pools, as it allows primarily the people who are daring, explorative and yearning for more out of life than what is currently there.