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  • If we applied so-called modern attitudes towards fire in the neolithic age, you'd have cavemen who'll run away from any spark and flame -- no pausing to consider the potential of harnessing the dangerous element. There is the myth of Prometheus who risked his life stealing the flame from the Gods to deliver it to the hands of humanity, for good or for ill. Likewise, it may the same with ideas of "racism" and "sexism," prevalent in today's cultural neurosis.

    Despite what democracy teaches you, that everyone is made "equal," this is clearly not the case.

    Much of our underlying drives, behaviours and expressions reside from our genetics. Why else would some people be predisposed towards kindness, while others tend towards aggression? Some people end up becoming leftist NPCs with their bland faces and horribly dyed hair, while others shine with their unique talents and beauty. Is it because society has failed to condition them properly? In Sci-Fi, you'll get societies which sort people into castes, knowing that a worker bee is not the same as the queen. In today's democratic dystopia, the tyranny of the mediocre, everyone is pushed into equality by affirmative action and historical victimhood status.

    When it comes to finding our partners, we look for attractive traits like physical beauty, intelligence.. that 'je ne sais quoi' which has you falling in love with the other. Then there are scenarios where you have children being born with massive disorders (don't look up 'Harlqeuin Baby'), that get swept under the rug with a nice pat consolation: "Oh, the Lord blessed you with this child as a lesson.."

    The capacity to do something about it first lies in awareness, as it is when an alcoholic acknowledges that he is an alcoholic. As there is artistic mediocrity [regularly found in modern art], you must come to terms with genetic mediocrity (and I don't just mean being red-green colour blind) -- and behind it, the potential for discovering genetic excellence.

    This doesn't mean foolishly advocating for holocausts of "undesirables" and putting down people who can't help the fact; but the possibility that by the time we can directly edit our own genes, it wouldn't even be a question whether fitting in hive society should be responsible for our success and well-being, as today's losers try to frame it, but a matter of courageous self-determination into the future.