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  • The following occurs primarily when dealing with people who are unempathetic and self-serving in general, particularly Asians and other ethnicities who are genetically vulnerable to not receiving oxytocin (bonding hormone).

    Business is the logical exchange of action with something. Modern business is an antagonistic lawyer abusing the other party's lack of understanding of the situation, shortchanging them for their own benefit and having the devilish gall to say afterwards, "Well, you did said yes.."

    The business side of interaction is incidental, whatever it may involve. Maybe they are "justified" in what they do (crooks always justify their actions to avoid responsibility), but what matters is that you feel intimidated into navigating a room trapped with multiple triggers - because it really is. The unspoken feeling is that they'll explode at you for saying the wrong thing in their presence.. and having you to blame for an outburst.

    You're not supposed to talk about it, of course, cause then you'll be met with this line: "Aww, you poor widdle baby, facts don't care about your feelings! Deal with it, grow some thick skin! Business is business, don't take everything personally!" as if the other person would refuse to acknowledge that you aren't on the same page, let alone mental wavelength as them.

    You have just been gaslighted by a self-serving narcissist.