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  • In 2013, I liked Candy Crush. An ex-friend who I'd met through League of Legends shared the same innocent delight of popping candy combinations, while I played it during church meetups -- still thinking of that movie 'Gravity' which dazed my eyes.

    In 2015, a French photographer was miles ahead of me in Candy Crush levels. She despised my innate weirdness with her unrelenting silences, and I eventually unfriended her on Facebook, as if popping a zit that had been filling with black pus: how can someone be so mean? [She was of timid, anxious countenance, with a strong intelligence grafted upon her like lipstick on a pig. For the open-hearted, expressing yourself freely around these types has the same value as wasting pearls before swine.]

    In 2019, I was picked up by a friend who I'd worked for, so I could help her out with a lawsuit. Beside her in the passenger's seat was her psychopathic Arab boyfriend, who is just months.. a few months younger than I am. Months earlier, he had her block me on her phone out of a murderous jealousy, when I wanted to share a kiss with her, and she told him about it. His attention was devoted to popping candies on his phone.

    To this day, sometimes I wonder why is Candy Crush there when it comes to people who end up being generous with me about their negativity. All I know is I don't play it anymore.