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  • All this talk about cancel culture.. it's one thing if you don't like someone and refuse to engage with what they produce, because they did such-and-such. It becomes another level when you expect the whole world to reject them, even to the point of driving them out of their livelihood.

    I must ask, where have our lives taken us, when you need to be worried about going over your entire internet history in the case that some SJW-type gets their panties up in a twist, and brings up some comment or off-hand remark you made -- probably when you were younger, didn't know any better, from a different time. This is the type of stuff you'd expect from a totalitarian regime. Should you accept what's happening, and just get on with the times?

    I first heard of this deranged leftism when the term Social Justice Warrior was made popular from GamerGate, back around 2014. From personal experience, SJWs, despite the term, are not merely being passionate about social equality, like how black people should be elevated from their historical mistreatment -- it is more broadly speaking, they overreact.. literally losing their shit over other people (like me) who do NOT yet conform to their bigoted worldview, even to the point of pathological hatred. It can be over any issue, like story genres, all the way to virtual machine optimization and setup (yes, really -- I've gotten into this drawn-out argument on /r/VFIO with such a type.. it spoke volumes when I eventually blocked him, and found the rest of the conversation without his crap much less negative).

    It's as if you're made to walk on eggshells, sensing that if you say how you really think or feel in conversation, or say whatever, you'd set them off like a bomb. What's irritating is that on the surface level, these SJWs are making a point that you can't disagree with, like having to be absolutely correct in what you say lest it's "spreading misinformation" or "That's offensive, women are being treated like dolls!" But on the broader scheme, they bully and harangue people who have power/influence into submission to their so-called values -- likely how you are seeing so many dysfunctional agenda-driven movies and ad campaigns.

    My theory is that they lack a sense of inner harmony (you never, ever get the feeling that they would just lighten up and simply relax, not when there's a whole world to destroy, and remake in their image), and so, they seek to undermine that in other people they encounter. With no harmony, you have no solid ideals to strive for, nor any valour, and the stuff they espouse can change on a whim, depending on what's convenient.

    When they're taking down statues of confederate generals and other historical figures over racism today, tomorrow, they'll delete accounts of unacceptable people, erase/rewrite books and literature of authors they deem unfit, tear down beautiful architecture and erect ugly modern-art pieces in their place.

    What can you do? The number one reminder that all this crap about racial/gender justice, and mass-cancelling people is total baloney - is remembering the past, when none of this was in effect, and the media wasn't guilt-tripping you into being ashamed over who you are.