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  • President-Elect Joe Biden will be 78 by his 2021 inauguration. After his first four-year term, he'll be 82, and if he gets another win, he'll be 86. I'd like to believe that lifespans are extendable, but honestly, you are asking someone already on the verge of decrepit to be president, to lead a country and protect it from enemy forces.

    This fact would raise an eyebrow by itself. But there's been talk about major reform under the new Democratic rule - to the point where it would be impossible for anyone who voices otherwise to be even heard. Under the new rule, you'll have to kneel over what they want you to believe. It has been in the stages of happening for a while now, with Twitter taking it upon itself to police and "face-check" tweets to prevent the flow of any "misinformation." What a word that has been thrown around so often, much like being called a racist. It is not too hard to imagine in the future, any "misinformation" would have to be quietly purged, followed by sessions of racial sensitivity training.

    The ultimate goal? To ensure a permanent rule by Democrats, as an effective one-party state (like China, Russia, or other sketchy totalitarian places with "Democratic People's Republic" in their name). In the past, the Democrats have encouraged open borders with immigrants, who would then put votes for their party in return, and now, like an anxious person who's jumped the gun, they have jammed their foot in the door over claiming victory -- even while voting strangeness has happened in plain sight.

    Joe Biden is the mild-mannered face of the party. But through him, you'll be seeing the agendas of all the privacy invading mega-corporations who have donated millions to the party, the Black Lives Matter protesters who smash buildings and set fire to the streets, the passive-aggressive vitriol of Nancy Pelosi -- and above all, allowing Kamela Harris to govern as the first black female president of America.

    You are not living in a time of peace. You are living in a state of total war against everything that the original founders of America have envisioned -- to be the country where people should be free to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness under God's unalienable Rights.. and not a country that is communist in all but name. They are snatching a fair election away from you behind closed doors and shut windows, and people are cheering in the streets.