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  • On the left is Rob Ager, who is a superb analyst of movies and other things and sheds novel insight into how things really work. On the right is Jackie Chan, who moves his body to decimate enemies and uses whatever is around him to his advantage. If I were faced with picking between the two, I'd pick being Jackie Chan any day.

    And why?

    Because when faced with completing an unfinished scenario — if it's a story, a piece of electronic circuitry, or an unsolved puzzle — and it's mentally taxing to grasp; the fool's errand is in attempting to understand it all before doing anything, because that will mentally place you in a spot where you simply won't be able to do anything. Paralysis by analysis, so to speak.

    Instead, what you will do is find the next spot to chip away at the "emptiness" (negative space; those unfinished, undecided areas). It is through doing that you will just know. Otherwise, problems you'll inevitably encounter will appear mentally insurmountable because you treat them like fragile "look don't touch" glass art pieces — knowing that awkwardness when you move around in those glass sculpture stores — instead of a playpen you can mess around with. After all, it's far better to do things you don't understand, than to fully understand things you haven't done yet.

    Protip: Don't trust "text-to-speech" YouTubers who make a living off of reciting other people's life/drama history.

    Also, to make life a much better experience, wipe away people who make doing things feel like such a tight-assed chore — they're quite the drag, you know:

    In 2020, a friend referred me to someone who specialised in building "custom websites" because she thought he could mentor me. When I called him, asking him about how I'd be able to automate placing the latest blog posts on the front page, his answer to me was "Just use WordPress, bro."

    Then, as if to compensate for his apparent lack of knowledge, he proceeded to execute HARD-ASS.EXE in my face, saying "Oh, I don't mean to give you shit, but when you call someone, you need to talk business. See, I'm here spending my valuable time on you."

    While he's right, the correct answer for me is in hanging up on him, deleting him off my phone's contact list and thinking of his glorified virgin WordPress business as a decent counter-example to my chad static HTML.

    As well, personally rid yourself of that "everything is a chore" mentality too, as adventure will always await the open-minded spirit in the most unexpected, everyday things.