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  • I was never partial to Taylor Swift and her discography - she treats relationships and love like it's a game for the highest bidder, where her exes get tossed to the gutter in her petty revenge songs. There's nothing more profane than playing people over their feelings, but sometimes people aren't in love with people, they're in love with the odds.

    Céline Dion touched my heart growing up, and in her songs, you will hear absolutely nothing about playing mind games over men, or any ifs and buts or strings attached.. because real love is an unconditional joy only the heart knows.

    With the debilitating pain of stiff person syndrome, it took massive courage for Céline to make her surprise appearance at the Grammys - not only was it so rude of Taylor to snub her out of any acknowledgement, it's a stark contrast between eras in revealing lack of any real character; virtually everything out of this modern "pop idol" is a calculated act meant to stir up public attention for their next album, but it's a pathetic substitute for grace when real talent doesn't need controversy to shine.